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The Benefits of Virtual Office Rent, Serviced Office Rent and Coworking Space

Amethyst Executive Suites (“Amethyst”) is a sharing-office provider which operates two centers located at Jakarta CBD locations i.e. at Jl. Sudirman (Central Jakarta CBD) and Jl. Simatupang (South Jakarta CBD). These locations are the most prestigious business addresses in Jakarta CBDs.

Amethyst offers Virtual Office rent, Serviced Office rent and Coworking space. In addition to office rent, Amethyst also provides other services such as meeting room, incorporation of legal entities as well as tax advices.

Virtual Office rent @ Amethyst allows you to work from anywhere while making sure that all your mails and telephone calls are handled professionally by Amethyst team. Virtual Office rent is a perfect solution for startup companies and established companies with mobile employees. Likewise, for those who prefer to work from home, Virtual Office rent will be the smartest solution.

Serviced Office rent @ Amethyst provides you with fully furnished, ready to use private offices which accommodate 1 to 20 people. Each Serviced Office is fully equipped with furnitures, dedicated telephone and high-speed internet connection. Compared to conventional office rent, Serviced Office rent gives you the flexibility of having an office with prestigious business address at an affordable price and shorter lease period. For startup companies, small to medium size enterprises and representative office of foreign companies, Serviced Office rent is the best option.

If you prefer a flexible office rent in between Virtual Office rent and Serviced Office rent, consider renting a working desk in a Coworking Space. Unlike Virtual Office rent, Coworking Space allows you to rent a working desk which you can access anytime. Unlike Serviced Office rent, Coworking space allows you to have a dedicated working desk in a sharing office setting, so you can get the benefit of networking with other business practitioners and entrepreneurs.

Virtual Office rent, Serviced Office rent as well as Coworking Space @ Amethyst are not just prestigious for their locations in Jakarta CBDs, they are also practical and cost efficient options. These are the reasons why small and middle size enterprises choose Virtual Office rent, Serviced Office rent or Coworking Space as their office solution. Representative offices of foreign companies choose Serviced Office rent as they are required to have a physical office.

Whether you choose Virtual Office rent, Serviced Office rent or Coworking Space you are entitled to a full office facilities (meeting rooms, lounge, pantry) and readily available services (receptionist, cleaning, IT), hence saving you significant time, capital and expenses.

Virtual Office rent, Serviced Office rent and Coworking Space give you a wide option of ready-to-use instant offices that give you convenience as well as time and cost efficiency, a smart choice whether you are setting up your first office, or upgrading to a more prestigious and convenient office, or even those who are looking to scale down their office.

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