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Video Conferencing Etiquette

Decades ago, the word “virtual” did not even exist, but nowadays practically every aspect of our lives involves some kind of virtual activities: online shopping, online learning, online games and many others. Now with practically the whole world exercising social distancing due to coronavirus, schools and religious activities are also done via online streaming. Museums and galleries offer virtual tour.

Social distancing also affects our professional life tremendously. As most offices are not allowed to open, some companies choose to replace their conventional office with Virtual Office. Meeting is done via video conference, and as they become daily or weekly routines, our home becomes our new office. Our living room or study room becomes our new meeting room and without we realizing it people can see the inside of our home. For some, this is a convenient way to do business as they no longer have to fight the traffic, for others, this can be an uncomfortable and anxious experience.

As video conference becomes daily activity for almost everyone, here are some useful tips we can exercise to reduce the anxiety and to get used to this new normal:

  1. Make sure your technology works correctly. Check your hardware, software, battery and wifi connection.
  2. Choose a quiet location with an appropriate background. Remember everyone can listen to your surrounding noise. Avoid distracting background.
  3. Be prepared and participate. Give update on things you are supposed to follow up. Speak clearly and be concise.
  4. Be on time and stay until meeting ends. Report well in advance if you cannot. It is better to be 10 minutes early than 10 minutes late. Do not sneak out.
  5. Stay focused. Keep your children/pets away in another room. Do not multi-task during the call.
  6. Take notes diligently. Record issues discussed, particularly those requiring your follow up.
  7. Wear proper clothing. The less distraction you create, the better.

We are now living in a new era where virtual activities are unavoidable. The best way to cope is to adapt to this new environment, be it socially or professionally.

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