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The Winners And Losers In Covid-19 Pandemic

As we move on to adjust to life with coronavirus around us, we realize that paradigm shifts and lifestyle changes are inevitable. Almost no economy, industry or business that is not affected by these shifts and changes. The good news is that not everyone loses, there are some winners who thrive. The bad news is we do not know if the losers will see light at the end of the tunnel any time soon. The list below by no means is comprehensive but is merely pointing out the most affected industry sectors.

The Biggest Winners

– Demand and supply of goods and services offered online will increase

– More goods and services will rely on delivery services

– In times of medical crisis, pharmaceutical industry provides medical supplies, cure and vaccine needed

Virtual Meeting Room
– As “working from home” becomes the new norm, video-conferencing becomes the new routine

Online Education
– The loss of time and money suffered by both education institutions and students will force them to depend more on online education

Online entertainment
– Driven by physical and social distancing, online gaming and movies will be the main source of entertainment

The Biggest Losers

– Business and leisure travelers will only resume traveling when their confidence is back

Tourism & Leisure
– Hotels, cruises, cinemas will take time to recover

– Commercial property especially office buildings will be affected as companies look for more efficient arrangement such as Serviced Office, Coworking Space or Virtual Office
– Urban residential property will see lower demand as working remotely becomes more popular

Nobody anticipates the coronavirus and the crisis it is causing. Successful entrepreneurs are those who are forward looking, anticipate changes and embrace challenges. They are innovators, risk takers who emerge as winners. Others live in the past, hoping that nothing will change, so they get to stay in their comfort zone. They are outdated, wishful thinkers who end up being the losers.

The pandemic has shown all of us that the world is constantly and rapidly changing. To survive, we have to adapt. To thrive, we have to conquer. Winner or loser, the choice is ours. As the lyrics from the Swedish band ABBA from the 70’s say it so matter-of-factly: “The winner takes it all, the loser has to fall.”

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