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The Positive Sides Of Coronavirus

Usually when we hear the word “coronavirus” we immediately associate it with disease, pandemic, crisis, lockdown, unemployment, deaths etc. Such is its threat, that there are global movements calling on all people of faith to pray that the virus will go away soon so we all can go back to living in “the good old days”.

Our focus on the negativities that the pandemic is associated with plays down any positive impact of the coronavirus. And yet the reality is that months of lockdown to curtail the spread of the virus has also brought positive impacts on the environment, technology and humanity.


As government of almost all major countries in the world rushes to lockdown their cities and countries, factories are forced to shutdown or operate at low capacity. People are forced to stay home and almost all kinds or transportation are abruptly cut. Air travels are reduced to a fraction of what they used to as travel bans are imposed and as travellers are too afraid to travel for fear of getting infected on the plane.

While the world activities nearly completely stop, carbon emission and air pollution fall to unprecedented level especially in major global cities. For the very first time in a very long time, the air is cleaner, the sky bluer, and the waters clearer. Animals are roaming the streets and reclaiming the world as the planet is “accidentally” cleaned up!


In the wake of coronavirus pandemic, digital platforms have become the only way for many of us to work, shop, get educated and entertained. Digital transformation will speed up as more businesses move towards increasing reliance on automation and artificial intelligence.

Technology also leads to more efficient use of space and resources. As companies increasingly rely on remote workforce and virtual platforms, more companies are moving away from big offices to serviced offices and coworking space. Sharing economy has become a new norm.


Hygiene aside, the virus has also taught us to have more empathy not just to human beings but also to other creatures. Months of isolation, voluntary or forced, have opened our eyes that we should cherish our loved ones when we can, because these micro viruses may just take them away without even good-byes. And that wildlife creatures are not meant for human consumption, but we should let them live undisturbed in their natural habitat because the role they play in our ecosystem is vital to our existence.

The coronavirus has brought chaos and havoc to many people in virtually a blink of an eye. Nevertheless, there are some silver linings, lessons that we cannot ignore. The crisis has reminded us that we should not take nature for granted; that it has its own way to clean itself. And whether history will actually repeat itself or not, we should learn from the past so we can make better decisions.

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