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Managing Remote Workforce Effectively

Working remotely has become the new normal as the world is adapting to new life with coronavirus. Many companies are looking to continue the practice in the long run. Twitter, for example, has offered staff the option of working from home permanently. Facebook has announced plans to shift towards a more remote workforce as long-term trend.

For employees, working from home means more flexibility as they no longer have to commute hours to get to work. For employers, this translates into cost-savings as they no longer have to invest in big city office. For many managers, however, this may mean the loss of regular control, creating new challenges that they have never experienced before. Below is guidance that can help them manage the situation better:

Set clear expectations
– Create and communicate clear goals, make everyone accountable for his/her part
– Instill “business as usual” mindset

Establish targets
– Motivate employees to remain productive by setting realistic targets
– Measure performance objectively against agreed targets

Communicate effectively
– Give your employees as much access to you as possible
– Stay connected with your remote employees

Schedule virtual meetings
– Discuss issues openly and encourage participation
– Use brainstorming process to engage everyone

Maintain team morale
– Recognize contributions and celebrate accomplishments
– Give regular coaching and training

Working and managing remotely requires trust as foundation. It is not so much about trusting people to work from 9 to 5 but rather trusting that they will accomplish what they are expected and have agreed to. It is about accountability. To create high degree of accountability, managers need to maintain an honest, transparent, on-going communication platform.

Humans are social species who need social interactions in nearly every aspect of their life. Working remotely may not be ideal for everyone, but as it is here to stay, we have no choice but to adapt and make the best of it.

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