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Choosing Between Serviced Offices Or Coworking Spaces

When it comes to workspace for small to medium-sized businesses, or representative offices of multinational companies, the serviced offices and coworking spaces have become popular choices.

Compared to conventional office, serviced offices and coworking spaces offer more flexible agreements in terms of length of contract, commencement date etc. Typically, serviced office and coworking spaces provide in-house facilities such as high-speed internet, meeting rooms, lounge and pantry, as well as secretarial and cleaning services so you do not need to hire your own receptionists nor cleaners.

As serviced office and coworking spaces come as readily available, fully furnished, ready to go offices, you practically can move in instantly and get straight down to business without worrying about fitting out or hiring full administrative staff.

Below are some considerations when it comes to choosing between serviced offices and coworking spaces:

While coworking spaces facilitate better networking between its tenants (usually called “members”), it lacks privacy.

Some coworking spaces allow daily rent, while serviced offices require longer contract period (usually 6 months).

Serviced offices are usually more costly compared to coworking space. The premium you pay represents not just the privacy but also the comfort of having your own dedicated workspace.

Although most serviced offices are fully furnished, tenants are usually allowed to bring their own furniture as long as they are kept within their dedicated office. Most providers may allow customized interior so tenants can have their company logo and signage, which coworking space cannot accommodate.

Number of employees
Companies with a bigger number of employees may prefer to house the whole team in a dedicated serviced office to ensure better control and communication instead of having them scattered in coworking spaces.
Founded on the basic of one-stop service solution concept, serviced offices and coworking spaces save you the trouble of having to maintain an independent office with its own facilities. In the era where sharing economy has become a norm, moving to serviced office or coworking space is a more efficient way of using your capital. This is the so called: “The more we share, the more we have.”

Choosing between serviced offices or coworking spaces does not have to be difficult, especially nowadays most providers offer both, so you have the flexibility to switch from one service to another based on your needs. Morever, serviced offices come in different sizes, typically to accommodate one to twenty people or more, allowing you to adjust according to your business expansion or contraction.

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